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State of New Jersey Historical Landmark
National Register of Historic Places


  • Prior to conversion, this tavern and inn, constructed in 1726, was frequented by many of our nation's notables and not so famous citizens of the Colonies and England. The facility saw continuous use until the late 1960's when the tavern and inn ceased operating.
  • Vacant until renovation started in 1987, the inn quickly fell Into a state of disrepair. The Inn and its surrounding property were purchased in 1985 and plans were set for conversion of the inn to dental offices and the rear parcel to have a building constructed on it to hold office on the ground floor and residential on the top floor.
  • The exterior was restored to its original condition and the interior was developed to save as much as the structure as possible and yet accommodate all the requirements of a dental practice.

Project Responsibilities

  • Consultant to Owner
  • Advise during design and construction on historic restoration.

Project Highlights

  • Historical Restoration of the exterior and the grounds
  • Adaptive reuse of the interior as a dental office
  • $525,000


  • As one of only five manufacturers nation wide making bulk nail polish and coatings, Gloss-Tex Industries began to see its business outgrow facilities in Newark, New Jersey. Their decision to move prompted new facilities in the industrial park.
  • The front portion of the building contains offices and mechanical facilities on two floors of 1,400 square feet each. The rear of the building is the manufacturing area of the bulk coatings. The flashpoint range of the raw material is widespread - from very low to very high - thus creating a high hazard area.
  • The metal panels seen on the sides of the rear of the building are explosion relief panels to comply with BOCA and NFPA requirements.

Project Responsibilities

  • Project Architect
  • Design Development, Contract Documents, Tenant Improvements
  • Project Team - 4 Staff in addition to MEP, Structural and Civil Consultants

Project Highlights

  • 3 Five-Thousand-Gallon Solvent Tanks and Overflow Pit, Explosion Relief Panels, Mechanical Exhaust System with Scrubbers
  • Loading Docks, Reception Area, Administrative Offices, Parking, Septic Systems, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems
  • Structural Systems include structural steel frame and roof, 8" tilt-up concrete walls
  • 11,000 SF - $1.6 Million
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Tom Hines


Our Design Philosophy

“The art of dancing stands at the source of all arts that express themselves first in the human person.  The art of building, or architecture, is the beginning of all the arts that lie outside the person; and in the end they all unite.” - Havelock Ellis
Building facilities unique to the owner’s special needs requires creative effort to balance function, aesthetics, durability and affordability in operation.  We help clients move through these challenges and manifest their dreams and desires in tangible form.

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